Get Verified

The Support Military Foundation encourages organizations providing services to the military community to submit an application for inclusion in the exciting endeavor to reach the military community like never before by virtue of the verified resource directory. Let our Veterans know you can be trusted!

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Behind The Camo

Awareness is the first step in supporting a cause. While most people correctly associate pink ribbons in signifying breast cancer awareness, many incorrectly associate yellow ribbons as military support. In reality, yellow ribbons signify currently deployed and returning troops. What is badly needed is a single awareness ribbon to signify support of the entire military community to include non-deployed troops, and their families, transitioning and wounded warriors, along with veterans and their families.

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Get Involved

In this economy people are struggling at make ends meet and knowing what organizations are really putting their efforts into supporting the military community and who to trust (truth in advertising). Providing a portal to helping organizations touching the military community is our main mission. Bottom line: We provide America with a gateway to verified organizations. All of the organizations listed on “SupportMilitary.Org” go through a detailed validation process which not only gages how donations are used, but also the extent to which their services are impacting the uniform services past and present to include their families.